• 2011-2015 Art High School Im. Jan Cybis in Opole
  • 2015-2018 University of Arts in Poznań, Faculty of Drawing and Painting
About searches and images

The main medium in which I express myself is painting, but I am also interested in drawing and photography. First of all, painting allows me to express my relationship with and my attitude toward the world around me, my experiences, feelings and emotions. In my paintings, I resign from the figurative depiction of the world, trying to transcend the realm of the visible reality by reaching into my own interior.

My works are an attempt to express the experiences that accompany everyday life. Experiences that come from the outside world, but do not manifest themselves in the physical sense. I put emphasis on their phenomenal character, objectively elusive, slightly fleeting. The paintings are open to the endless process of creative searches.

  • participation in the 7th Kazimierska Pleneriada Art Universities in Kazimierz Dolny, 3rd place in the open-air competition, 2017
  • participation in the "3: 3" exhibition of the ZSP in Katowice, 2015
  • participation in the "8x" exhibition in the Cultural Incubator Piraeus in Poznań, 2017
  • participation in the post-competition exhibition of the International Drawing Triennial, Rondo Sztuki Gallery in Katowice, transition to the second stage of the competition, 2017
  • participation in the post-exhibition exhibition of the Faculty of Painting and Drawing "Przestrzeń Otwarta / Przestrzeń Zamknieta" at Gallery R20 in Poznań, 2017
  • participation in the joint exhibition "Conversations" at Gallery 17 in Poznań, 2018
  • participation in the exhibition "Obraz beside obraz" in Jastrow, 2018
  • participation in the group exhibition GRUPPE99 at the Palace Nordkirchen in Germany, 2018

Wiktoria Balawender

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